Custom Cornea with Zyoptix

Custom Cornea with Zyoptix in OcalaCustom Cornea with Bausch & Lomb Technolas Laser Zyoptix & Wavefront Technology

What is Custom LASIK / PRK / Laser Vision Correction?

The US Food & Drug administration recently approved a first of its kind technology for LASIK eye surgery known as Advanced Control Eyetracking (ACE) for the Technolas LASIK platform. Eyetracking allows lasers used during LASIK surgery to compensate for eye movements during the procedure, thus adding an important level of assurance. However, no eyetracker has been able to adjust for subtle rotations of the eye that can occur during the laser treatment …. until now. Click here for more information.

What makes the Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix system so different from conventional LASIK / PRK surgery?

That would be its use of innovative Wavefront technology. Your eyes and vision are unique – truly distinctive, with imperfections that are totally different from anyone else’s. The Zyoptix system is able to measure imperfections that are not able to be detected when measuring for glasses or contact lenses. Therefore, it provides a comprehensive analysis of your eye so we can plan a personalized laser vision correction procedure completely individualized for you. Because of this personalized treatment, many patients see better than they did even with glasses or contact lenses.

What is Zyoptix?

Built upon Bausch & Lomb’s years of experience perfecting LASIK / PRK surgery, the Zyoptix™ system is a proven state-of-the-art technology that works like this:
The Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix™ system provides the most comprehensive analysis of the eye so Dr. Croley in Ocala can plan a personalized laser vision correction procedure completely individualized to you. This is how Zyoptix™ treatments can achieve vision that is clear and sharp; and why the Zyoptix™ system provides Dr. Croley with the ability to correct eye imperfections that could not be treated with conventional LASIK techniques.

The US clinical trial showed that six months after surgery, the vast majority of patients treated with the Zyoptix™ system achieved or reported the following:

• Extreme improvement in the quality of their vision
• Vision better than 20/20 without glasses
• Vision without glasses after surgery as good as, or even better than, with glasses before surgery
• No increase in unwanted glare, halos or night driving difficulty and most had a decrease.
• High satisfaction with their results
• They would choose the procedure again

Dr. Croley understands you are making a major decision. That’s why he and his highly trained staff will take you through the process simply and clearly to help you understand your options. From your first pre-operative exam to your final consultation, your questions and concerns will be addressed so that when you make your informed decision you will do so with complete comfort and confidence.

But what if I move during the procedure?

Dr. Croley uses his state-of-the-art laser with two eye trackers to assure you personal, accurate results. Prior to the beginning of the laser correction procedure, Dr. Croley locks in your needed prescription and your iris photo(which is as unique to you as your fingerprint) with ACE Tracker.

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