Are You Wondering about Dermal Fillers?

Cosmetic aging can be a frustrating problem even when we expect it. We know we’ll develop lines and wrinkles in various parts of the face but, when they make themselves known, we may immediately want them gone. If you’ve begun to feel the irritation of cosmetic concerns like thinning lips, undereye bags, and creases around the nose and mouth, you may be considering whether or not now is the right time to seek dermal filler treatment. We might be able to help you make that determination. Here, we provide important information about this popular injectable treatment.

Who Benefits from Dermal Fillers?

Based on the name, you may assume that dermal fillers are for filling lines and wrinkles. Injectables like Restylane have also been referred to as wrinkle-reducers or anti-aging treatments. Described as such, dermal fillers may sound like they are meant only for adults who are bothered by loose, wrinkled skin. While dermal fillers can benefit those interested in rejuvenating their appearance, they are also used to enhance lip shape and volume, refine the jawline or chin, or increase the contours of the cheeks.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

While most patients primarily ask questions about what dermal filler treatment might achieve, what it might feel like, and how long their results might last, there’s more on their minds. Many patients are interested in knowing what is in the product their provider will inject beneath the skin. This question, though, may go unasked. So, we’ll answer it here! In our Ocala office, we use Restylane to enhance facial features. Hyaluronic acid is the active ingredient in this filler. It is a naturally-occurring chemical that adds volume to the skin by binding to water molecules. Once it does this, the hyaluronic acid traps water for up to 2 years. As particles of hyaluronic acid break down gradually, the body flushes them.

Dermal filler treatment is simple, comfortable, and achieves immediate improvements. Our patients can expect our team to make them comfortable from the time they arrive for their appointment. Injections are administered with a small needle, so are well-tolerated. After treatment, patients are free to go about their normal activities with few side effects.

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