These testimonials are by actual patients who have had laser vision correction performed by Dr. Croley. Not all individuals achieve the same results and we do not claim that consumers interested in laser vision correction will achieve these exact results.

lewis stokes Dear Central Florida Eye Institute,

I LOVE DR CROLEY! He has given me something that’s priceless, crystal clear vision! I’m so happy with the whole experience at CFEI. I wish our studios were on your side of town so I could see all of you more often!

Thank you Dr. Croley for making me really feel like I’m a member of your family! Looking forward to many more years together spreading the word!

Lewis Stokes
K Country 93.7 DJ

Jerry Jones When I first thought about having Laser procedure done, I started to talk to people as well as doctors. I found myself unhappy with the results or the doctors that I talked to. But when I went to Central Florida Eye Institute I found a staff and a doctor I could put my faith and trust in. They removed all my fears and doubts about how the procedure would turn out. Fear is a word I don’t use on a regular basis, but when it comes to my eyes, the Lord only gave us two of them. Driving sprint cars at 160 MPH is what I love to do. Fixing and building cars is what I do to pay for my racing habit. Now that Dr. Croley has given me my eye sight back, I can do all three so very much better. I would like to thank Dr. Croley and his wonderful staff for the gift of sight.

Jerry Jones
Jones Racing

Bob & Judy Thank you Dr. Croley! As members of the Ocala Sailing Club and with Bob’s new great vision he can spot the marks easily during sailing regattas! NO GLASSES NEEDED (just sunglasses)! It’s wonderful!

With my decision to have PRK in only one eye I can see clearly things off in the distance without glasses and am still able to sculpt and paint tiny details. Not having to wear glasses gives me a freedom I totally cherish!

Bob & Judy

Carol B. Dear Dr. Croley,

As a sports enthusiast (scuba diving, sailing, motor boating, tennis, walking, skiing and bicycling), my eyes are extremely important to me. Therefore my decision to have LASIK surgery was an easy one. Choosing an ophthalmologist was not quite as easy.

I did my homework, and after interviewing several doctors, you were definitely my top choice. I am pleased to say that I am convinced that I made the right choice. My experience with you and your professional staff could not have been more pleasant or rewarding. The level of care, concern and attention I have received has been superlative.

Thank you for everything!
Carol B.

Kevin R. It’s hard to describe how impressed and grateful I am. I had the LASIK procedure done two days before my 27 th birthday, what a birthday present . . . new eyesight! I had 20/40 vision the morning after the procedure, and a week later 20/20. Before LASIK my vision was 20/800! I’m still just as impressed as I was the first day I could see. Dr. Croley and his staff are THE BEST!

Kevin R.

Richard L. Dear Dr. Croley,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation of you and all your employees.

I came to you several years ago after experiencing what I felt had been a “butchering” procedure by another doctor. At that point, I was used to sitting in a waiting room for three to four hours and then when finally reaching a treatment room, being treated with impatience.

Imagine my delight when I arrived at your office, was greeted with smiles and was promptly taken back to a treatment room – ON TIME! My wife and I were flabbergasted! Previous doctors had taught us to dread the appointments, knowing that our whole day would be spent on one appointment.

Your whole staff is so educated and professional that we actually looked forward to our visits with you. Your treatment of my condition was professional, caring and appropriate. I came to have total trust in your treatment compared to the utter fear I had experienced with previous doctors.

Thank you so much for everything you did for me. One of our biggest regrets in moving to another location is that we had to try to find another doctor as good as you. I’m afraid that is not possible.

Richard L.

Tim & Lou P. Dr. Croley,

It has been a year since Tim and I have had our Laser Surgery. We both enjoy the ability to wake up and not put contacts in. We are still functioning with mono-vision and occasionally use reading glasses when the light is dim. Thanks for your skills in making this all possible.

Tim & Lou P.

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