Retinal Surgery Ocala FL

Retinal Surgery Ocala Florida

The retina, which is about 1 millimeter thick, is the delicate inner lining of the eye which is subject to a number of sight-threatening problems which affect millions of people. Dr. Croley explains it is like the film of a camera.  You must have good film to take a good picture.  If any part of the retina is damaged, it is likely that some degree of vision may be lost. Retinal Surgery can help prevent this type of vision loss.

Why would I need retinal surgery?

Three common problems of the retina are Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal Detachment and Retinal Tears.  Any of these retinal problems can cause legal or total blindness.  Fortunately, technology available today along with early detection can help save or even restore vision.

Most retinal holes and tears can be treated with laser surgery if they are found before the retina detaches.  The laser helps bond the retina to the wall of the eye, preventing a retinal detachment.  This type of retinal surgery usually takes just minutes.

What to expect during retina surgery

Retinal detachment and breaks can cause the layers of the retina to become detached from each other.  Cryotherapy (freezing) may be done.  After a local or topical anesthetic is applied, a freezing probe is applied to the surface of the eye over the point of break.  The extreme cold penetrates to the retina and freezes only the area around the break.  As the area heals scar tissue forms and attaches the retinal layers together.  A flexible band called a Scleral Buckle may become necessary if the retina separates from the pigment layers.  This procedure may require entering the hospital the day before or the day of the surgery.

To help attach the retinal later, the doctor would drain the fluid located under the detached retina.  Then a silicone band would be partly or entirely wrapped around the eye to indent it slightly inward.  This pushes the pigment later into contact with the retinal detachment.  The band is held in place with nylon sutures and will remain there permanently.  It would probably not be seen or felt.  Your eye may remain patched for one to several days or you may just wear a shield for protection.  Strenuous activity will be limited for several weeks.

Who should I contact for retina issues in Ocala, FL?

As with any surgical procedure, it is important that you understand the benefits as well as the risks involved. At Central Florida Eye Institute in Ocala, Dr. Croley and his staff will take the time to explain this eye condition to you. Early detection, education and treatment are vital to insure continued good vision. Understanding the condition and the importance of treatment and follow-up care is a shared responsibility.

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