Laser Vision Correction

Laser Vision Correction in Ocala with LASIK

Close up of brown eye undergoing laser eye surgeryImagine waking up and seeing clearly without glasses or contact lenses! The latest technology and use of the Excimer laser now makes it possible for people who have been dependent on glasses for almost all of their activities to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses.

How Does Laser Vision Correction Work?

Laser vision correction works by reshaping the cornea so that light rays focus more precisely on the retina, thereby reducing or eliminating refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, and reducing the need for glasses and contact lenses. The Excimer laser, now in its second decade of use, uses a “cool” or non-thermal beam of light to gently reshape the cornea and is a minimally invasive procedure.

The Laser Eye Procedures We Offer

There are several different laser vision correction procedures available: LASIK, LASEK, Custom Cornea, Wavefront, and Surface Oblation. Here at Central Florida Eye Institute, we utilize the iDESIGN Refractive Studio, and we will be happy to go over any and all procedures that may be appropriate for you during your free initial evaluation.

When Is Laser Eye Surgery Needed?

The decision to have Laser Correction is an important one. Dr. Croley believes that all individuals considering this procedure should be completely educated on it prior to having it done. Central Florida Eye Institute offers free screenings so you may gain valuable information as it relates specifically to you. You are also able to meet the qualified staff and see the facility before your laser procedure.

Patient Testimonial

“Had my operation done by the team and im seriously the happiest man in the world. The gift of great eye sight is truly a blessing. Thank you Doctor For this ! The team is beyond incredible and treats you like royalty. Just a great overall experience.”

iDesign Refractive Studio

Our focus. Your vision.

The most personalized laser vision correction available.

Vision is more than just seeing better or farther. Vision is about being surrounded in detail. Immersed in each moment. Captivated by every part, of everything.

The iDESIGN® Refractive Studio gives your doctor the ability to deliver a truly personalized PRK (Laser Vision Correction) procedure, one designed specifically for you.

When you choose the iDESIGN® Procedure, you’re choosing a procedure that offers:

  • 25 times more precision than conventional measurements*
  • One-of-a-kind custom laser vision correction.
  • 20/16 or better vision for the majority of patients.

*Based on mathematical calculation: wavefront aberrometer = .01D. Manifest refraction = 0.25 D. Manifest 0.25 ÷ wavefront aberrometer 0.01 = 25. 25x more precise.

A Difference You Can Truly See

Your vision is complex. It relies on multiple, interconnected parts of your eye to create what you see. That’s what makes the iDESIGN® Refractive Studio so personalized: The system measures both inside and out.

  • Wavefront analysis measures how light travels inside your eye and creates what you see, detailing the imperfections in your vision.
  • Corneal topography scans the outside surface of your eye, measuring and analyzing every tiny variation in curvature and elevation to help guide the laser during your treatment.

These two measurements together create a completely personalized treatment plan.

Vision Correction

1) Your Personalized Measurement and Analysis
The iDesign® System takes over 1,200 measurements of your eye and maps each data point to create a custom procedure plan designed just for you — all in only three seconds.

2) Your One-of-a-Kind Procedure
Using this custom procedure plan, the laser is able to correct your vision to your exact needs in only a few minutes. No one in the world will receive the same procedure.

3) Your New Vision
Once the procedure is over, you’ll immediately notice the difference. After one hour, you’ll begin to see more clearly, and within a day, you can return to your normal routine.

Johnson & Johnson Vision is the leading provider of laser vision correction technologies, committed to helping people like you reshape your sight and restore your vision so you can live without the hassle of glasses and contacts.

For Monovision Treatment of Presbyopia Patients with Low to Moderate Nearsightedness (Myopia) with and without Astigmatism; myopia (nearsightedness) up to -11.00 D, with astigmatism up to -5.00 D; mixed astigmatism from1 – 5 diopters; Hyperopia ( Farsightedness) up to 4 Diopters (D) with Astigmatism, between 0 and 2 D, iDESIGN® System driven Laser Vision Correction Treatments is a permanent operation to the cornea and is irreversible.

Laser Eye CorrectioniDESIGN® System driven Laser Vision Correction Treatments may not eliminate the need for reading glasses. Your visit must be stable for at least one year before iDESIGN® System driven Laser Vision Correction Treatments. You will need written evidence of a change in manifest refraction of no more than +0.5 D ( in both cylinder and sphere components) for at least one year prior to the date of pre-operative examination for Monovision Laser Vision Correction Treatments; neat sightedness, mixed astigmatism for farsightedness has not changed less than 1.0 diopter for a respective indication. Pregnant and nursing women should wait until they are not nursing and not pregnant to have the surgery. You are not a good candidate if you have degenerative or autoimmune diseases or have a condition that makes wound healing difficult. The iDESIGN® System driven Laser Vision Correction Treatments may result in some discomfort.

The surgery is not risk-free. Please read the patient information booklet, especially the sections of Benefits and Risks before you agree to the surgery. Alternative to iDESIGN® System driven Laser Vision Correction Treatments, but are not limited to; glasses, contact lenses, RK, and ALK. iDESIGN® System driven Laser Vision Correction Treatments cannot meet the job-related vision requirements for some people such as pilots. You should be willing to undergo a one-week contact lens trial with your individualized monovision prescription and evaluate your vision over a range of tasks during this trial period; this will help you find out if you can tolerate Monovision Laser Vision Correction Treatments. It may take several weeks for your eyes to adjust to monovision. You may want to avoid or decrease your participation in visually demanding situations such as driving until you have adjusted to your monovision. It is very important to stop wearing contact lenses before the pre-surgical eye exam. Before considering laser vision correction: a) Have a complete eye exam. b.) Talk with one or more eye care professionals about the potential benefits of laser refractive surgery, and the complications, risks, and time required for healing.

Who is a Good Candidate for LASIK?

There are several factors that you and your eye doctor will discuss as you consider the value of laser vision correction. Dr. Croley will perform a comprehensive eye exam to gather important data regarding your vision, the shape of your corneas, and the potential presence of other eye conditions that may affect the outcome of your laser procedure. It is of the utmost importance to us that your procedure is safe and effective. Not everyone is a good candidate for procedures like LASIK. Fortunately, the variety of laser technologies and techniques that are available today increases the chances of finding an ideal laser surgery for your needs. 

Generally, the best candidates for laser vision correction are free of active eye diseases such as glaucoma, have healthy corneas, and have had a stable eyeglass prescription for the previous two years. 

Does Laser Vision Correction Hurt?

When you come to Central Florida Eye Institute for laser vision correction, you can expect our team to prioritize your comfort. Laser procedures are performed using a powerful anesthetic. This numbing medication is inserted into the eye as a drop, so there is no discomfort in the administration process or at any time during your laser surgery. After your procedure is over and the numbing eye drops wear off, you may feel a gritty sensation or some soreness. If these surgical side effects feel uncomfortable, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever as directed until they naturally resolve. 

How Long Will it Take for My Vision to Stabilize after Laser Eye Surgery?

During your preoperative visit, we’ll discuss our expectations for your surgery, your recovery, and your long-term rewards! We typically expect the recovery from laser vision correction to be brief and relatively painless. You may be ready to resume most of your normal activities within a day or two of your procedure. Please do not rush this. It’s important to understand that, while your eyes may be recovered from the surgery itself, it can take up to a couple of months for your vision to fully stabilize. You may go back to work and drive safely as soon as the day following your visit. 

Are the Results of Laser Vision Correction Permanent?

The outcome of laser vision correction occurs within one day to one week after surgery, with the potential for minor fluctuations in visual clarity as stabilization occurs. After one to two months, you can expect your vision to remain stable for at least several years. In most cases, the effects are permanent. This is especially likely if your eyeglass prescription was stable for at least two years previous to your surgery. Keep in mind that having LASIK or another form of laser vision correction does not eliminate your risk for conditions to which you are genetically predisposed. You can also still develop cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye diseases that can alter your visual clarity. Dr. Croley and our team will work closely with you to understand your risk for eye disease and to manage those risks. 


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