Corneal Transplant

Corneal Transplant in Ocala, FL

Cornea Transplant in OcalaWhy would I need a corneal transplant?

The cornea of your eye can be damaged through routine activities, sports or at work. Please contact Dr. Croley in Ocala, FL if you believe your cornea or eye has been damaged in any way. Corneal injury, disease or hereditary conditions can cause clouding, distortion and scarring on the cornea, the clear front window of the eye. Corneal clouding looks like frost on a windowpane and blocks the clear passage of light to the back of the eye, reducing sight. In addition, corneal injury and disease can be painful, sometimes the most intense pain experienced.

If the cornea becomes cloudy and doesn’t respond to other treatment, the only way to restore sight is to replace (transplant) the cornea. Fortunately, corneal transplantation or keratoplasty is the most successful of all tissue transplants.

How does the doctor get a new cornea for me?

Corneal tissue for transplant comes from an eye bank. Names of patients needing corneal transplants are placed on a waiting list until tissue becomes available from corneal donors. Dr. Croley is then offered the corneal tissue and reviews all reports prior to accepting or rejecting a cornea for his patients.

What should I understand about the surgery?

The surgery consists of a transfer of the clear central part of the cornea from the donor’s eye to the patient’s eye. Soon after the operation, the patient can walk around and resume activity. The procedure takes about 1-2 hours. Dr. Croley performs this outpatient surgery at Central Florida Eye Institute in Ocala. Your ability to drive and do other activities will be discussed at your pre-operative appointment prior to your surgery. You will be put on eye drops for several weeks. You will need to return to see Dr. Croley for several post operative appointments.

How long until I can see well again?

Return of best vision after corneal transplant may take up to a year after the surgery depending on the rate of healing and the health of the rest of the eye. Each patient if different, all your individual medical conditions and daily needs are unique and will be considered so that you are completely informed prior to your procedure.

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