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Central Florida Eye Institute now offers cosmetic treatments! Aesthetics by Lori offers a customized approach to all of your skincare, anti-aging, and body treatments at our office in Ocala, FL. Click here to view a full list of Lori’s services and pricing, and call today to schedule an appointment or to learn more!

Fallene Cosmeceuticals’ revolutionary Age Defying Fusion line of skin care products with sunscreen is a breakthrough in skin protection. Fusion of multiple mineral particles with specialized skin conditioners produces a unique aesthetic and sensory combination that encourages frequent use. Age Defying Fusion feels as elegant as a typical high-quality beauty line, yet every product has sunscreen, so your skin in not only fortified, but protected.


The US Food and Drug Administration recently approved a first of its kind of technology for LASIK eye surgery, known as Advanced Control Eyetracking (ACE), for the Technolas LASIK platform. Eyetracking allows lasers used during LASIK surgery to compensate for eye movements during the procedure, thus adding an important level of assurance. However, no eyetracker has been able to adjust for subtle rotations of the eye that can occur during the laser treatment . . .  that is until now.

LUCENTIS™  is a drug therapy to treat the “wet” form of macular degeneration.  As a result of aging changes, your retina may have stopped getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function properly.  In an attempt to increase the amount of oxygen, the retina has started to produce a substance called “Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor” (VEGF). Lucentis™ helps prevent the VEGF substance from working & stops the formation of abnormal blood vessels. The overall result is a decrease in the formation of leaky blood vessels and stabilization of your vision loss.  For more information on Lucentis treatment visit www.lucentis.com or contact our office.

Real hope for chronic dry eye due to reduced tear production!  Now there is an FDA approved prescription eye drop called RESTASIS Ophthalmic Emulsion.  It is the only prescription eye drop for this condition that helps your eyes increase their own tear production with continued use.  The approved treatment is one drop in the morning and one drop at night in each eye, every day.  Unlike artificial tears, RESTASIS Ophthalmic Emulsion helps increase your natural ability to produce tears which may be suppressed by inflammation due to chronic dry eye.  Many patients using RESTASIS report a noticeable increase in tear production with continued use.  For more information about RESTASIS go to www.restasis.com or give us a call.

Multifocal lens implants may be the most exciting development in the lens implant field in over 30 years! The recently FDA-approved multifocal lens implant is a landmark in vision technology offering patients good vision for both distance and near without the need for reading glasses.  The standard intraocular lens implant gives good distance vision but often requires the use of reading glasses.  When your eyes were young, your natural lens was both transparent and flexible.  Because of this, your vision was most likely stable until you reached your forties.  Around that time, you may have noticed that you  had to hold a menu or book farther away to read it.  Many people end up wearing a pair of reading glasses to compensate for this aging of the eye or after having cataract surgery.  Now the AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL and the ReZoom® Multifocal IOL are delivering a high level of glasses-free vision. In clinical studies, 80-92% of patients receiving the multifocal IOl reported that they never wear glasses for their activities.  With the multifocal lens they can read a book, work on the computer, drive a car – day or night – and play golf without glasses.

Contact us to learn more about Multifocal Intraocular Lens Implants and to find out if you are a candidate for this exciting development in the lens implant field.  For more information about AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL go to www.acrysofrestor.com.  For more information about ReZoom®IOL go to www.amo-inc.com.