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Eye Exam Ocala FLGet an eye exam at Central Florida Eye Institute

In an effort to provide you with the finest quality medical eye service, Dr. Croley, Medical Director of Central Florida Eye Institute in Ocala, FL recommend that adults have a comprehensive eye exam every year.  Children who have no obvious problem should be seen prior to kindergarten.  If all is healthy, they should return to Dr. Croley every 5 years.

Eye Test

On your first visit to us, please bring your glasses and a list of medications you are taking.  You will be asked to complete a medical history and information form.  A complete eye examination takes approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours and includes examination for glasses (refraction) and dilation of the pupils.  The dilation enables the doctor to fully see the inside of the eye.  The drops may cause temporary blurring of vision (especially for reading) and sensitivity to bright light.  You may want to bring a driver with you for this exam.

If another physician has referred you, please inform us at the time of your visit, and Dr. Croley will provide your primary care physician or optometrist with a summary of his findings.

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