Surface Ablation (PRK)

Surface Ablation (PRK) uses the computer-controlled Excimer laser to reshape the surface of the cornea. The eyeball is numbed with an “eye drop” anesthesia. The outer skin, or epithelium is removed with the pulse of the laser. Next, a predetermined amount of tissue is removed with each pulse of the laser thereafter. The resulting shape of the surface of the cornea allows light to focus more directly on the retina. By adjusting the pattern of the Excimer laser beam the surface of the cornea can be made flatter to correct nearsightedness, steeper to correct farsightedness and/or spherical to correct astigmatism.

What To Expect During Recovery

Most PRK patients have functional vision in one to three days, and full visual results usually take three weeks to several months (results and healing times vary with each individual). The surgery is done right at Central Florida Eye Institute and a follow-up visit is scheduled for the next day.

Surface Ablation (PRK) Lasik
Range of correction Low to moderate Low to severe
Intraoperative Pain None None
Postoperative Pain Moderate 24-48 hrs. Minimal 12 hrs.
Postoperative Medications 3 mos. or more 1 – 2 weeks
Functional Vision Recovery 3 to 5 days 12 – 24 hrs.
Visual Results Fully Recognized 3 weeks – several mos. 1 – 12 weeks
Return to Work 3 to 5 days 1 day
Risk of Complications Low Low
Risk of Scarring in Central Cornea 1 – 2% Less than 1%

Womans eye with a laser around it preparing for PRK surgery with Dr. CrowleyDr. Croley has been involved with the Excimer laser since 1989 and is the area’s leader in laser vision correction since 1994. He has had vast comprehensive training throughout the United States and Europe and uses the latest technology and optimal care in performing Lasik and Surface Ablation (PRK).

Why Choose Dr. Crowley

iDesign laser, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, is owned and operated soley by Dr. Croley. Your treatment and follow-up care is done at Central Florida Eye Institute. Because the Excimer is such a precise instrument, it is never handled by another doctor or technician, nor is it moved from our location. This ensures the most accurate calibration of the Laser.

How Much Does PRK Cost?

The fee for the procedure includes your initial complete eye examination, laser surgery and follow-up visits for a full year. Payment options are available with no down payment.

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