Does astigmatism blur your chances of having LASIK?

People who are diagnosed with astigmatism as the reason for their blurry vision problems can also sometimes get a lot of unhelpLasik Eye Surgeryful information about their condition from friends and family, as if it’s a strange vision problem and not manageable in all the ways possible for people diagnosed nearsightedness or farsightedness.

One story you may have heard about your astigmatism is that you can never be a candidate for Lasik vision correction surgery – that the procedure won’t work for you. That is a common, though dated and inaccurate misconception about astigmatism. The condition doesn’t eliminate LASIK as an option for vision correction. Here’s the truth about that, and more you should know about astigmatism.

If you’ve got astigmatism

Your cornea is misshapen, more like a football than a (normal shape) basketball, which means that light bends unevenly as it enters your eye and causes blurriness. And the more football-shaped your eye, the worse your vision is likely to be.

The two types of astigmatism

  • Regular astigmatism is most common and probably genetic.
  • Irregular astigmatism is less common and can be caused by eye disease or injury.

Almost everybody has a bit of astigmatism
But not everyone requires treatment (vision correction for the condition.

For those with mild to moderate astigmatism, LASIK could help

In fact, a recent study showed that 93% of people with mild to moderate astigmatism who underwent LASIK achieved results that gave them 20/20 vision or better, six months post-procedure.

Lasik works by using a highly focused laser to reshape your cornea, which will allow light to enter your eye without being distorted and improve your vision. The procedure takes around 10 minutes per eye.

LASIK isn’t for everyone, astigmatism or not

You have to be a candidate for Lasik in general in order to be a candidate for Lasik for astigmatism. And the best way to find out is to come in for an examination that can determine if Lasik can help you. So call today for an appointment: (352)237-8400 or toll-free (800)521-6028. You could hear your last story about astigmatism.


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