Botox has a Little Secret

For the past several years, we’ve enjoyed seeing the anti-aging capabilities of Botox Cosmetic. This injectable treatment predates all others and has a special way of smoothing lines and wrinkles. In addition to succeeding at its initial approved use against frown lines, Botox has also become a common treatment for drooping eyebrows, crow’s feet, and even excessive sweating. Seeing all that this drug can do, you’d think there were no secrets hiding in the closet. Well, one has been discovered and it’s anything but bad news.

The Corrective and Preventative Capacity of Botox

Recently, a Canadian study has revealed that Botox has a power we didn’t know. Throughout the years this drug has been popular, it has been known for reducing muscle contractions in the upper regions of the face as well as around the mouth and on the neck. When Botox is injected, it inhibits the uptake of neurotransmitting chemicals in treated muscles, preventing them from tightening. In a new study, doctors sought to discover whether or not Botox might also make the skin more elastic.

Skin elasticity is an important aspect of aging at a slower pace. Elasticity could also be referred to as stretch or “give;” it indicates how well the skin can bounce back when stretched. Forty-three women took part in the study. None had ever been treated with the drug. Before administering Botox injections, researchers obtain a baseline measurement of each participants’ natural skin elasticity using a device called a Cutometer.

Throughout the study, multiple measurements were taken after the women underwent Botox treatments. Researchers found that elasticity did improve while the drug was actively affecting muscle tissue. In some of the treated women, the skin’s “bounce” improved up to 30%. Over time, elasticity did return to baseline. However, the improvement that occurred was sustained for as long as 4 months.

Another Reason to Love Botox

The findings of this study indicate that wrinkle-reduction via Botox injections may involve a secondary action in tissue: elasticity enhancement. However, it’s more significant than that. Skin that is able to bounce back after stretching is actually behaving in a more youthful manner. Elasticity enhancement makes it harder for new wrinkles to form. Therefore, this secret Botox power offers additional long-term benefits for those interested in aging more gracefully.

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