Choosing LASIK surgery puts you in some out-of-this-world company

lasik surgeryAre you searching for that one last piece of amazing news that will assure you that LASIK surgery is safe and effective? And that it might be time for you to “blast off” with your plans to have the procedure? Then we might just have the information you need.

That’s why we’re so happy to share news from a recent report issued by NASA:
The agency has approved an advanced, two-step LASIK surgery procedure for its astronaut candidates.

This is great news for our patients, but possibly even greater news for the estimated 50 percent of NASA candidates who are rejected simply because their vision isn’t considered good enough to be accepted into the program.

This NASA-approved procedure for vision correction is highly advanced, and is actually a combination of LASIK technologies. The two-step procedure uses both the IntraLase® and the Advanced CustomVueTM to provide precise and accurate results. And NASA only gave it’s A-Okay after the technique had been proven in extensive clinical trials. The method has been shown to provide both excellent safety and outstanding visual results, beyond 20/20 for many.

In addition, the advanced, all-laser LASIK procedure has also been approved for U.S. military personnel, including Naval aviators and Air Force pilots.

Here at the Central Florida Eye Institute, we already know that our patients are thrilled with the results they are achieving with LASIK vision correction procedures. But deciding to have the surgery still takes a bit of a leap for some. So we hope this recent report can help you feel as positive and enthusiastic about LASIK as we are.

And we want to emphasize that we strive to keep up with all the latest developments in eye care and technology so that our patients can achieve the outcomes they deserve.

If you’re ready to break free from wearing glasses or contacts, you don’t have to be as brave as an astronaut to do so. Call us today at (352)237-8400 or toll-free at (800)521-6028 and we can discuss any concerns you may have about making this important step.

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