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What is Permanent Cosmetic Makeup?

Permanent Eyeliner in Ocala

Permanent makeup (micro pigment implantation) is a process where natural, mineral pigments are implanted under the skin’s surface. This procedure may benefit those who want to save time with their daily makeup routine or who are physically active and want their appearance to stay fresh. This procedure may also benefit those with very fair hair color, minimal hair, or hair loss in these areas.

Permanent cosmetic makeup can be done as brow liner, eye liner, or lip liner and takes approximately one hour to do each procedure. Color may remain indefinitely, although certain factors can cause some fading such as sun exposure, tanning, smoking, dry skin and medications. Color enhancements can be done to freshen the appearance, fill in missing pigment or to darken the color if necessary.

Before & After Permanent Makeup in Ocala

Having permanent makeup done in a medical facility can help to ensure that the procedure will be clean and safe. Only sterile, disposable instruments and needles should be used, as well as surgical gloves. Skin patch testing should also be done to avoid an allergic reaction to the numbing cream. The hypoallergenic pigments are specially designed for facial application. It is important to consult and ophthalmologist such as Dr. Croley when considering permanent makeup.

Permanent cosmetic makeup Ocala FLAn ophthalmologist is trained specifically to treat the eye and can be sure that the technicians are properly trained and certified in the procedure of permanent makeup. Ultimately, the health of your eyes and face must be the primary concern.

Permanent makeup procedures are performed in our facility by Beverly Stannard, Master Cosmetologist & Esthetician and Advanced Permanent Makeup Artist under Dr. Croley’s supervision.

For more information or to book an appointment for permanent makeup, please call (325) 237-8400 today!

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