Enjoy Summertime Without Dry Eye

Woman rubbing her eyes standing outdoors in a parkSpring is here and summer is fast approaching. Sunlight exposure takes a toll on the eyes. This irritating condition is exacerbated for those who are over 50 and spend a lot of time outside exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Dry eye sensitivity increases as we naturally age, especially for post-menopausal women.

Dry Eye Symptoms

An eye’s tear film evaporates quickly under harsh sunlight.

Other environmental causes that decrease the moisture level in your eyes include:

  • Chlorine pools
  • Ocean saltwater
  • Dust particles in the air
  • Air conditioning

Tests for Diagnosing Dry Eye

After gathering and assessing your account of dry eye symptoms – including factors making them worse on any given day – Dr. Thomas Croley will perform a comprehensive eye examination. This exam includes a history of your health to rule out whether your dry eye is caused by a medical condition or medication.

The following tests typically performed will include:

  • The Schirmer test is used to measure the amount of tears soaking a blotting strip placed under the eye.
  • Using eyedrops containing a special dye to evaluate the overall condition of the eyes. Staining patterns on the corneas are measured to determine the length of time for evaporation of tears.

Counter the Effect of Dry Eye this Summer

Hot, windy, and dusty days can cause the occasional dry eye symptoms to flare up. However, when your dry eye persists, you should seek help.

Here is some helpful advice to relieve your symptoms:

  • Wear UV protection sunglasses – preferably wraparound style and polarized lenses to block intense sunlight.
  • Wear a hat to up the level of protection between your eyes and the sun.
  • If you prefer to wear contacts, ask Dr. Croley to recommend scleral lenses that are designed to protect the eyes from harmful sun rays and trap moisture.
  • Make sure you consume plenty of water, fresh fruits, and vegetables to hydrate your body from the inside. Limit the amount of alcohol consumed in the sun.

Summertime Fun Without Dry Eye

At Central Florida Eye Institute, we focus on helping people make proactive changes to enhance the care and overall health of their eyes. This summer, we want you to see better without annoying irritation. Schedule your consultation and dry eye exam with Dr. Croley by contacting us at 352-237-8400.

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