Get the Straight Facts about Clearer Vision with LASIK

LASIK procedures have been some of the most commonly performed eye surgeries over the past two decades. More than 50 million procedures have been conducted worldwide, and numerous studies. The data regarding LASIK demonstrates that the success rate for this procedure is above 98%. These three sentences alone, you would think, would drive any person wanting to decrease their need for eyeglasses or contacts to undergo treatment. But there’s more.

Where there is the truth, there is also the myth. It seems like a normal aspect of life these days. The problem with misinformation is that it is incredibly easy to come by. Here, we want to set the record straight about LASIK and what it can do by addressing a few common falsehoods.

Got astigmatism? LASIK isn’t for you.

A person with astigmatism may find it difficult to read the small print, as well as street signs. This is because the curvature of the cornea is too sharp; literally, there may be points at each end. When the cornea is asymmetrical like this, light cannot pass through the ocular structure and hit one precise point on the retina. Seeing that LASIK restores the appropriate shape to the cornea, this procedure seems ideal for the correction of astigmatism.

Farsighted? LASIK isn’t for you.

Farsightedness is the condition of not being able to see up-close objects with perfect clarity. Reading labels, for instance, may be possible only with contacts or eyeglasses. Science points to a too-short eye as the cause of farsightedness. The decreased distance from the front of the eye to the back causes light to pass over the retina and land behind it rather than on it. LASIK can modify the curvature of the cornea to compensate for the differential, encouraging the proper transfer of light to the retina.

Want to drive at night? LASIK isn’t for you.

When the LASIK procedure was first developed, night glare was a side effect that could occur in a fair percentage of cases. Today, that number is less than 1% thanks to refined technique and the use of modern technology. In many instances, we hear patients say that their night driving is more comfortable after their LASIK surgery.

All these exclusions! Who would look further into the LASIK procedure when there is the perception that only a select few make good candidates! It’s a good thing these misconceptions about LASIK don’t have to stand between you and better eyesight!

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