Have You Tried Our Peptide Facial? Here’s Why You Should!

Beautiful Woman Face Skin Care. Natural Make up. Skin Health Treatment. Model massaging Face by Hands. Beige Studio background. Fashion Girl with Closed eyesFacials were once perceived as luxuriously pampering treatments. Today, facial services are integral to optimal beauty. Patients of all ages and genders can benefit from customized facials designed to bring out the best in their skin. With new and improved treatments and products coming out all the time, it can be easy to overlook the value of a good facial, though. So, here, we discuss one of our most popular, the Firming Peptide Facial, and why peptides should be on your skin.

What are Peptides, Anyway?

We often hear about beneficial ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acid and vitamin C, but peptides? What are they? Peptides are essentially building blocks for resilient collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. They are short chains of amino acids that, when applied to the skin, act as messengers. When peptides are absorbed into skin that has been properly primed during a facial, these messengers stabilize and transport the various compounds that are utilized to make more collagen. Because our production of collagen slows down significantly in early adulthood, whatever we can do to stimulate new production is beneficial. 

Peptides aren’t just short chain amino acids, they are many amino acids, up to 50 of them! This means that a provider can create various combinations of peptides to create a specific action in the skin. Some of the functions peptides perform include locking in hydration, reducing inflammation, and firming the skin. The unique properties of these acids, then, can result in smoother, more evenly toned, firmer skin over time. 

Safe for Most People

The body naturally makes peptides to help in the production of collagen. However, like the production of collagen, that of peptides can decrease with age. This is why professional treatments become increasingly important for managing the signs of aging. Peptides are great for adults who want to preserve youthful looking skin or who would like to decrease redness, fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. 

We are so proud to offer cosmetic and facial services in a comfortable Ocala location. To learn more about our Firming Peptide Facial and other spa services, contact us at (352) 237-8400.

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