Here’s a Glimpse of What Your Eye Exam With Us Will Be Like

If you’ve been regularly seeing your general doctor and dentist, you might want to add a third person to your healthcare team- the ophthalmologist! Getting an eye exam regularly should not be overlooked if you’ve been wanting to lead a healthier life.

Here at our Ocala eye care practice, we recommend baseline eye exams to adults and encourage them to consequently have the exam for least once a year. By and large, a baseline eye exam will help identify early signs of eye conditions or figure out your risks of developing certain eye diseases. The following will most likely be assessed and evaluated during your initial eye exam:

  • Your complete medical history. This includes reasons of your previous hospitalizations, allergic reactions with certain foods and drugs. History of use of corrective lenses and vision assistive devices will also also be determined.
  • Your visual acuity. This will be done by reading a standardized eye chart at various distances with both right and left eyes covered one at a time.
  • The size and reaction of your pupils with a stimulus such as light.
  • Your eye movements.
  • Your side vision; loss of side vision may be a symptom of glaucoma.
  • Your eye pressure through an exam called tonometry. Elevated measurements may signify glaucoma.
  • The state and function of your retina and optic nerve. The same will be done to the front part of your eye such as the lens, iris, cornea, and the eyelids. Defects in the aforementioned may reveal if you are developing cataracts.

A complete eye examination with Dr. Croley will most likely take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. It’s that quick and easy! Do yourself a favor now by making sure you have optimum eye health through regular eye exams.  Get in touch with us by calling (352) 237-8400 or by filling out this contact form to set up an appointment. We look forward to your visit!

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