Is a Younger-Looking Face What You’re Really After?

Botox Ocala, FLWhen asked why they are seeking facial rejuvenation with injectables or eyelid surgery, the response that many patients give is that they want to look younger. This is the standard answer that most surgeons have come to expect and, really, it doesn’t matter why a patient wants to rejuvenate their face as long as they are personal to them and not done to please anyone else. However, it can be interesting to uncover the hidden meaning of a “younger-looking face.”

Characteristics of a Young Face

Often, the young face is described as a Y shape. At the forehead and temple area, we see width. The face then begins to narrow at the cheeks, although the young face has nice contours along the cheekbones. Finally, a young face ends with a pointed chin and angular jawline. These characteristics also differ between males and females. Characteristics such as high cheekbones and a mildly soft jawline are perceived as more feminine, whereas a stronger, wider nose and sharp jawline are perceived as more masculine. In our society, a characteristic that we want to see regardless of gender is friendliness.

Studies have indicated that people with younger faces are generally viewed as friendlier. This is because the Y shape features higher eyebrows and wider eyes, rounded cheeks, and an upturned or straight mouth. These features are particularly important when the face is at rest.

What Happens with Age

We no longer perceive a face as young, and often no longer as friendly, when the Y shape falls. This is inevitable due to the deterioration of bony structure, depletion of collagen, and deflation of fat pads that occurs with age. Instead of holding more width at the top, the older face displays more of a bottom-heavy look. The eyes get heavy under drooping eyebrows, and the corners of the mouth turn down. As tissue declines toward the jawline, lines around the nose and mouth may further accentuate downturned lips.

Portray a Younger, Friendlier You

In our Central Florida office, patients from the Ocala area can rediscover their younger, friendlier face using simple techniques. Eyelid surgery opens the eyes to a wider, more energized state and injectables like Botox and dermal fillers can alter the angle of the mouth to appear nicer and more approachable.

Get the help you need to encourage your face to display your true nature. Call (352) 237-8400 for more information on our cosmetic services.

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