LASIK Concerns in Women

LASIKWomen of all ages visit us at our practice to inquire about LASIK surgery for addressing their vision concerns. However, there are specific changes in a woman’s body that may not make them eligible for LASIK surgery.

LASIK and pregnancy
Fluctuating hormone levels in pregnancy dictate many physical and psychological changes in a woman’s body. Vision-related changes such as astigmatism (difficulties looking at fine details), nearsightedness, or farsightedness are quite common in pregnant women. Some of these women additionally experience dry eyes. These changes make these women poor candidates for LASIK and eye surgeons usually recommend that LASIK be delayed until after childbirth. Often, LASIK is not needed anymore as the vision problems disappear after pregnancy.

LASIK and the nursing mother
Nursing mothers are also advised to wait until they have weaned their infants from breastfeeding because of an increased risk of the medications (steroid eye drops, antibiotics) used in the procedure making their way into the breast milk.

LASIK and menopause
Dry eyes are a common symptom of women who are in menopause. Like the vision-related changes in pregnancy, this has to do with hormonal shifts. If dry eyes are moderate to severe in menopausal women, LASIK is generally discouraged as they may not get the results they want.

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