Presbyopia: Is This Still a Problem for Eyeglasses?

Eye Conditions Ocala, FLAging is something we all begin to anticipate sometime during adulthood. It isn’t a matter of whether or not we age; it is a matter of how well we can manage our unique obstacles along the way. Among the various other parts of the body that are affected by age, we find that vision may become a pressing concern. Sometimes, it feels as though vision has changed from one day to the next. This isn’t really how it happens in instances of presbyopia, but the effects of changing lenses certainly can come as a surprise.

Is it Presbyopia?

There are several reasons why vision may become increasingly blurry over time. In the case of presbyopia, the instigating factor is the loss of elasticity in the eyes’ lenses. When this part of the eye becomes firm and stiff, the way that light passes through becomes altered. At first, this is subtle. Over time, you find that you’re holding print at arm’s distance so that you can begin to make out what you’re trying to read. A difficulty with near vision is the primary indicator of presbyopia. Additional sensations that may coincide with diminished clarity include headaches and eye fatigue, both caused by the strain of trying to read what is blurred by your eyes.

Ok, Now What?

Once the eyes begin to change with age, there is nothing we can do but manage vision as best we can. In cases of presbyopia, this has historically meant prescription eyeglasses. You may have a mental image of bifocal glasses, with their telltale horizontal line, sitting on a parent’s or grandparent’s nose while they read you bedtime stories. This type of correction is still available, but it doesn’t quite fit with our modern mentality of living better at every age.

Adults today tend to maintain a more active lifestyle. Many of the people we meet express a desire not to have to wear glasses. We do what we can to accommodate. One way that we may be able to address presbyopia without glasses is to prescribe appropriate contact lenses. The advances that have been made in optometry include the possibility for multifocal contacts, freeing adults from the hassles of eyeglasses hanging around their neck. In some instances, presbyopia may be addressed with laser eye surgery such as LASIK or PRK.

Because every situation is unique, we make recommendations only after a thorough examination of the eyes. See what your eyes have to say. Call (352) 237-8400 to schedule a visit to our Ocala eye center.

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