Survey Suggests Cataract Surgery Allows Patients to Live Longer

It has been estimated that roughly 70 percent of individuals who are 75 years old and beyond are affected by cataract. This should not come as a surprise as aging makes the eye’s lens thicker, less transparent, and less flexible. By and large, this has to do with the protein aggregating together around the lens.

Here at our Ocala cataract surgery practice, we have helped men and women with cataracts lead better lives by reducing the occurrence of the typical symptoms of cataract such as seeing halos around lights, extreme sensitivity to light and glare, and difficulties with vision at night time or with low light.

Apart from improving a patient’s quality of life, the results of a study released late last year suggested that cataract surgery tend to live longer than cataract patients who chose not to have surgery. The aforementioned research is actually an Australian population-based cohort study of 354 patients diagnosed with cataract-related visual impairment. A portion of the subjects underwent surgery while others didn’t.

The study concluded that those who took the surgical approach in treating visual impairment due to cataract outlived those who didn’t. Here’s an excerpt of the study’s conclusion:

Surgical correction of VI  (Visual Impairment) due to cataract was associated with significantly better long-term survival of older persons after accounting for known cataract and mortality risk factors, and indicators of general health. Whether some uncontrolled factors (frailty or general health) could have influenced decisions not to perform cataract surgery in some participants is unknown.

Your Personalized Cataract Treatment at the Central Florida Station

Weighing your pros and cons before deciding to have cataract surgery is a must. Here at our practice, we believe that just because you have a cataract does not necessarily mean it must be removed immediately. In some cases,  cataract surgery may need to be done immediately. However, Dr. Croley doesn’t make the decision for you but will present you with the facts and help you determine the best course of action.

Let us help you plan a personalized cataract treatment plan! Get in touch with us by calling (352) 237-8400 or by filling out this contact form to set up an appointment. We look forward to your visit!


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