The Truth About Colored Contacts

Not that many decades ago, it would have been impossible to think that you could have any other eye color than the one you were born with. But since the invention and extremely successful use of contact lenses, we’ve been able to experiment with our eye color in ways our grandparents couldn’t have imagined.

You may have heard that colored contacts aren’t safe

These days, people can change their hair color and erase wrinkles with Botox and fillers, all on the same day. So why not change up your eye color! But there are horror stories out there about people who’ve damaged their eyes and even lost vision due to contacts. And when you’re putting something in your eye, it actually is a bigger deal than dying your hair, even pink.

Your eye care professional should always be part of your plan

You can create real trouble for your eyes if you go around your eye doctor for colored contacts. Colored contact lenses, just like clear contacts, are considered a medical device. And even if you don’t need vision correction, you still need a professional fitting if you’re going to wear contacts. Don’t be tempted to change your eye color without making an appointment with Dr. Croley first. Call today for an appointment: (352)237-8400 or toll-free (800)521-6028.

Protect your eyes from damage

You might not understand why it’s a big deal, but a lot could go wrong if you stick any old contact in your eye. At the every least, for example:

  • An ill-fitting contact can cause irritation
  • It can stick, hold up the eyelid and cause an abrasion
  • Eye irritation and abrasions can cause infection

It’s fun to change your eye color, and it can be safe

Colored contacts can dramatically change your look, and that can be exciting and a lot of fun. Picture changing your dark brown eyes to blue or gray! You might not recognize yourself. And wearing colored contacts is just as safe as wearing traditional contacts to correct your vision – as long as you first see your eye doctor.

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