We can Design the Ideal Vision for You

Laser Correction SurgeryIf you’ve worn contacts or glasses for a while, you may imagine what it would feel like to see clearly without them. Laser vision correction has been a popular treatment choice for many years. Over time, even that technology has improved. Where laser vision correction once addressed a small selection of vision problems, the use of excimer lasers has significantly expanded our capacity to help patients see better, even those who have relied on glasses or contacts for nearly all normal activities.

How Does Laser Vision Correction Work?

Laser vision correction like the LASIK procedure improves vision by reshaping the cornea. This small piece of tissue at the front of the eye bends rays of light so they focus precisely on the retina at the back of the eye. When light is not adequately focused, refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism occur. Each of these errors can be corrected by refining the shape of the cornea. Several laser procedures can be performed to achieve this improvement. In our Ocala office, we use the iDESIGN Refractive Studio to create custom vision for each of our patients.

Our Focus is Your Vision

We are proud to perform laser vision correction using the iDESIGN Refractive Studio because it allows us to personalize the care we offer. This technique is more expansive than the notion that it is better to see farther and more clearly. It takes into account the nuances that are present in normal, healthy vision. When the eyes work well, life is filled with details that build richness and joy. Our personalized laser vision correction procedure helps us accomplish a high standard of care with:

  • Customization for every patient.
  • 25 times greater precision than standard vision measurements.
  • Outstanding results; the vast majority of patients achieve 20/16 or better vision.

The benefits of the iDESIGN Refractive Studio stem from truly personalized care. The system improves vision by measuring both the inside and outside of the eye. This is achieved with a wavefront analysis that examines how light travels through the eye to form vision. It also includes corneal topography, a scan of the outer surface of the eye to identify its unique elevation and curvature. We’re not talking about a single measurement; the iDESIGN Refractive Studio takes over 1,200 measurements to formulate a one-of-a-kind procedure.

Achieve the healthy, clear vision you have been missing. Call Central Florida Eye Institute at (352) 237-8400.

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