Who better to make your eyes look better?

You trust your eye doctor to help you make sure you have good vision and healthy eyes. But he can also help you look good, and we’re not just talking colored contacts or stylish eyeglass frames.

Botox at the eye doctor
Dr. Croley has been using Botox to help smooth his patients’ wrinkles for many years, and the products has been FDA-approved for over 25 years. And the results may make you feel 25 years younger! Botox injections can not only soften your crow’s feet and wrinkles around your eyes, but it can help your whole face look refreshed and more youthful.

Quick results, quick recovery
botox cosmeticsUnlike many cosmetic procedures that can cause severe bruising, swelling and pain and call for a long recovery time, Botox is a much simpler option. Quick recovery time is especially valuable to those who can’t take time out of their schedules to recover. With Botox, most people return to their usual schedules right after the treatment. Injections can sting a bit and may cause light bruising, but in a few days you should be recovered – and be able to see what most people consider amazing results.

Botox for headaches
Just as the right contact or glasses prescription can eliminate headaches caused by straining to see, a series of Botox injections has been shown to substantially reduce the occurrence of migraines. Botox helps relax those muscles often responsible for the onset of migraine headaches. In addition, it also helps block the sensory nervs that send pain signals to the brain.

Talk to Dr. Croley about Botox
When you come in for your regular eye exam, we can talk about your interest in Botox. Or you can make a Botox-only appointment by calling today: (352)237-8400 or toll-free (800)521-6028.

We can tell you about the benefits or Botox injections, and any possible risks. You will also enjoy learning that the effects can last up to six months, and you can repeat the procedure as your wrinkles and lines reappear. And patients report that results seem to last longer after repeated treatment.

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