3 Styles of Prescription Glasses for Summer

Trying to look better this summer? With the appropriate eyewear, you may quickly transform your appearance from plain to daring. If you want to look nice and feel confident this summer, read on as we cover three kinds of prescription glasses that are worth taking into account. Discover some chic options by reading on!

Summer Styles 

A new pair of prescription glasses is a great way to refresh your appearance for the summer. They can instantly transform any look from plain to daring! Finding frames that complement both your face shape and sense of fashion is essential. Here, we’ll look at three common types of prescription eyewear that are recommended for this summer if you want to look good and feel confident.

Wayfarer Frames 

Every wardrobe looks great with classic wayfarer glasses. These frames offer a simple and stylish option without compromising comfort, whether you want to add a vintage-inspired edge or create an edgy yet traditional atmosphere. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it easy to select the ideal pair for your face. They are ideal for people who want to make a subdued yet fashionable statement. Furthermore, these glasses look fantastic in any color, including black, brown, navy blue, and even yellow!

Cat Eye Frames 

Cat eye frames are absolutely something to consider if you want to step up your fashion game. They not only draw attention up towards your eyes for an instantly attractive look, but they’re also a lot of fun and entertaining. Cat eye glasses are available in a variety of hues, materials, and designs, so you may find something unique this summer that is just waiting for you.

Round Frames 

Round frames are a perfect option if you enjoy a vintage style. Although these oval lenses may seem modest in comparison to other designs, their effect is not diminished. Even as authentic historical masterpieces, round prescription glasses will give contrast and a distinctive dimension to any clothing. Some styles have even been faithfully reproduced from past eras! Round frames will always provide a distinctive touch of contemporary refinement to any ensemble, regardless of the style of clothing you pair them with.

Get Your New Pair of Prescription Glasses With Dr. Thomas Croley 

With so many great styles to choose from, Dr. Thomas Croley is the perfect person to get your next pair of prescription glasses for the summer! Dr. Croley is a board-certified optometrist and founder of the Central Florida Eye Institute. He has extensive experience and expertise to ensure patients are getting the best help possible. So if you are in or around the Ocala, Florida area, contact us today at (352) 237-8400 or visit us online at www.centralfloridaeye.com to schedule your consultation!

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