Athletic Much? Here’s what you Need to Know!

protective eyewearEye injuries are not uncommon, especially among individuals who lead more active lifestyles. Nearly 40,000 injuries occur during recreational and sporting activities every year, affecting many children as well as adults. Dr. Croley is no stranger to eye injuries related to sports. Our dedicated team is committed to comprehensive care that alleviates concerns related to the initial injury and the discomfort it may cause.

Types of Eye Injuries that are Common

It isn’t only the professional and semi-pro athletes that are at risk for trauma to the eye. Even low-intensity sports carry some degree of risk. A few of the common situations that we see include:

  • Blunt trauma. One of the most common of all sports injuries, the blunt eye trauma may occur when two players collide, and an elbow or other body part comes in direct contact with the eye. Such a blow could cause bruising and swelling. It is advantageous to have the eye examined in order to confirm no damage has been done to the retina, which could detach if the trauma is severe.
  • Corneal Abrasion. Let’s say you dove straight into home plate for the winning run of the game. As you did, debris from the ground may have flown into your eyes. Corneal abrasion, which means the outer surface of the eye has been scratched, could occur in a number of ways. This injury could cause irritation that lasts for several days. Your eye doctor can evaluate the severity of the scratch and recommend appropriate treatment.
  • Damage from UV light. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be very damaging to the eye over time. This means that athletes whose sport keeps them outdoors in the bright sunlight should take extra precautions. This is especially relevant to individuals who are active on the water or in the snow, due to the fact that UV light is amplified in the reflection off such surfaces. If you spend a great deal of time outdoors, talk with your eye doctor about proper sunglasses and other methods of managing long-term eye health.

Protective eyewear is a must for athletes of all ages and levels. Routine eye exams are a must for us all. To schedule your visit to Central Florida Eye Institute, call (352) 237-8400.


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