Attend To Your Eye Health This Year

Asian senior couple wear brown aprons are holding red cookies cutters in heart shape over their eyesWith each new year, we receive a new opportunity to create positive change in our lives. The practice of making New Year’s resolutions often involves making changes that will help us look better and feel better. Here at Central Florida Eye Institute, we focus on helping people make changes that will enable them to see better. As much as the quality of a person’s vision matters, so does their long-term eye health. Here, we discuss some of the ways in which you can attend to your eye health this year without much effort at all.

Come See Us!

Eye exams should occur every year, especially if you already wear eyeglasses or contacts. The routine eye exams that Dr. Croley performs go beyond checking your vision alone. These visits observe all of the vital parts of the eyes, including the lens, cornea, and retina. These are all areas in which disease may occur, and the thing about eye diseases is that they rarely give any clues about their progression. Your annual eye exams provide the best path to prevention and early treatment for conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal disease.

Adjust Screen Time

Screens. They’re everywhere. Many people work at a computer several hours a day, get on their phone screens during breaks, then go home and watch television for a few hours before bed. We’ve become so accustomed to the screens in our lives that we may not realize the damage they can do to the eyes. Our heavy use of technology is a significantly influential factor on digital eye strain, with symptoms that resemble dry eye disease. Screens also emit blue light, with wavelengths that are known to disrupt the body’s natural circadian rhythm that helps us sleep. To attend to your eye health this year, consider setting time limits on your screen time. To go the extra mile, turn off all screens at least one hour before bedtime, and invest in a pair of blue light glasses to wear when working.

Remove Eye Makeup Nightly

Makeup like eye shadow and mascara should be removed nightly before going to bed. Leaving these products on can result in crusty debris along the lash line, and where there is debris in this area, there is a chance that a follicle could become clogged. A clog in an eyelash follicle could allow a stye to form. A stye is somewhat like a pimple; it is a firm, pus-filled bump that can take several days to go away. Styes can be uncomfortable so the best way to deal with them is to avoid them altogether with good eyelid hygiene.

Don’t Overwear Contacts

Contact lenses can be far more convenient than eyeglasses. These thin discs should always be worn and cleaned as directed. When contacts are not removed as they should be based on their package instructions, they do not get cleaned. Part of the purpose of removing contacts is to ensure they remain clean and free of bacteria and debris. You should not sleep with contacts in. Also, it is wise to strictly avoid moistening contacts with saliva. Numerous bacteria live in the mouth. Using saliva to moisten contacts assures that some bacteria will go into the eye. This poses a risk for infection.

Wear UV Protective Lenses

Sunglasses provide vital protection from harmful UV light. Don’t just wear them on bright sunny days. Wear UV protective lenses anytime the sky is relatively bright, even if it’s cloudy. Doing so can minimize the risk of conditions like cataracts.

It doesn’t take much to protect eye health. We can help. To schedule your routine eye exam, contact us at (352) 237-8400.

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