Dry Eye Strategies for Your Back Pocket

Eye Conditions Ocala, FLWe can all benefit from having workable strategies tucked away for when we need them. Some people call them life hacks. We call them simple tricks for the optimal living. Here, we want to point out a few of the easy strategies that can help you manage the issue of dry eyes, whether your eye irritation occurs now and then or it is a persistent problem that keeps you in a state of frustration.

Dry Eye Strategy #1 – Put in the moisture.

The issue with dry eye syndrome is that, for some reason, the eyes are not lubricated. It could be related to low tear production, or it could be that tears are evaporating too quickly due to low oil content. In any case, you might try putting moisture into the eyes with artificial tears. If you wear contact lenses, talk with your eye doctor about appropriate products. You may also need to remove contacts for a short time to allow eyes to regain a more moistened state.

Dry Eye Strategy #2 – Put in the nutrients.

What we eat makes a difference to every part of our body. The eyes benefit from specific nutrients, too. For instance, omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseed, walnuts, and salmon support tear production and quality. Taking an omega supplement may be an easier way to make sure your body is getting sufficient amounts of this nutrient.

Dry Eye Strategy #3 – Put power behind your efforts.

Artificial tears come in a wide variety of forms. Many over-the-counter products are insufficient for people with chronic dry eye syndrome. In such instances, professional medical care is most beneficial. A consultation and examination at Central Florida Eye Institute can lead you to the right treatment approach for your unique needs. This may include medication to assist in tear production – help your, eye produce more tears. Treatment may also focus on natural abnormalities of the eyelid margin that tend to coincide with chronic dry eyes, and it may facilitate ongoing moisture by blocking the ducts through which tears exit the eye too soon.

Dry eyes can be incredibly irritating. You don’t have to live with this problem. Contact our Ocala office for appropriate dry eye treatment.

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