Eyelid Swelling May Need a Doctor’s Care

Eyelid Swelling Ocala FLPuffy, swollen eyes are sometimes a product of our own doing. For example, when we stay up too late working on an important project, or just watching a movie, the tissue around our eyes may be bloated with a bit of fluid. This type of eyelid swelling typically subsides once we are upright and moving around. Temporary swelling such as this, or the swelling we notice after a good cry, is not concerning. But what if your eyelid or lids are distended for no obvious reason?

Let’s take a look at why eyelid swelling may happen, and what you may need to do about it.

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Causes of Eyelid Swelling

Seemingly random eyelid swelling may be caused by:

Allergic Reaction

Eyelid puffiness is expected of some people during allergy season. Not all allergies are related to the pollen floating through the air. The eyes may swell in response to an allergen in the environment or in a product we have applied or consumed. In such cases, taking an antihistamine should resolve the problem. If swelling continues despite this, contact your doctor. If difficulty breathing also occurs, you may need to contact your nearest emergency room.


The eye infection that most people know is Pink Eye. This infection develops in the conjunctiva or lining of the eyelid. Suggested by its name, Pink Eye also usually causes redness that goes along with swelling, watering, and pain. A stye is also a type of infection to occur in the eye. This condition, however, typically produces a bump in the tear duct or one of the eyelash follicles. Proper medical treatment, such as antibiotics, is needed to resolve the infection.

Blocked Tear Duct

This condition is referred to as a chalazion. It may resemble a stye and produce swelling in a localized area, but it is not an infection.

Eye Injury

Eye injuries should not be taken lightly, especially if swelling is accompanied by persistent or severe pain, or if the surface of the eye has been scratched. Your eye doctor in Ocala can evaluate an eye injury and recommend or provide a remedy to support optimal healing.

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