Exploring Methods for Effective Dry Eye Treatment

When your eyes are not producing enough lubricating fluid, it is possible that you have dry eye disease. This deficiency in tear production can cause discomfort, inflammation, and damage to your eye’s surface. Thankfully, dry eye treatment exists. However, it involves identifying the source of your discomfort first before choosing the right treatment method.

What Causes Dry Eye?

Typically, dry eyes result from poor blinking habits and environmental conditions. People who use contact lenses or stare at a computer screen for long periods may also experience dry eye symptoms.

There are a lot of other factors that can also influence your body’s regular tear production, such as obstructed tear ducts that develop as you age or from an infection or injury. Your overall health and the size and shape of your eyes may also play a part in your dry eye symptoms. If you are on medications, it may help to change your prescriptions or focus on treating any underlying diseases that may be contributing to your dry eyes.

Treatment Options for Dry Eye

Medication and Eye Drops

Various prescriptions exist for dry eye treatment, such as medicated eye drops and tear-stimulating drugs. RESTASIS® is a medicine prescribed for the treatment of ocular symptoms associated with Sjögren’s syndrome, a chronic autoimmune condition characterized by defects in the glands responsible for producing tears and saliva.

Eye Inserts

Ocular inserts are tiny, transparent tubes that may be inserted into the eye. When artificial tears fail to alleviate dry eye symptoms, they are frequently the next line of defense. If you suffer from moderate to severe dry eyes, an insert called LACRISERT® (hydroxypropyl cellulose ophthalmic insert) may help.

Punctal Plugs

A punctal plug, often called a tear duct plug or lacrimal plug, is a tiny medical device and dry eye treatment method used to block the tear duct and, consequently, the natural outflow of tears. It is a relatively painless procedure that can be completed within minutes.

Unblocking Oil Glands

If you suffer from dry eye disease caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MBD), you may want to consider Lipiflow. This cutting-edge thermal pulsation system is designed to unblock glands so that the body can produce the oils necessary for healthy tear production.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Scleral lenses are often used to correct refractive and corneal problems, but they may also help individuals with dry eyes. These specialist contact lenses seal in moisture to prevent dryness of the eye’s surface.

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