What to Expect at Your First Eye Exam

first eye examAre things you see becoming blurry? Do you find yourself straining to see things far away? If so, you will want to schedule a visit to the ophthalmologist for an eye exam. If this is your first time getting an eye exam, you may feel a little nervous. We have broken down the process step-by-step so you know what to expect during your first eye exam.

Meet the Ophthalmologist

Upon arriving at your appointment, you and Dr. Croley will discuss the problems you are currently having. You will also go over your medical history, such as your prescription medications and any hereditary conditions.

What Occurs During an Eye Exam

Once they have a good understanding of your health, the eye exam begins. An eye exam is composed of multiple tests, with some measuring the health of your eyes and others testing your vision.

Here are all the tests you can expect to undergo during an eye exam:

Visual Acuity

The first test involves visual acuity; you will read letters from a Snellen chart from a certain distance. This is done with a physical chart or through a device known as a phoropter. Phoropters have multiple types of lenses to help you see better. It also tells the eye doctor what lenses you will need should you require a set of glasses.

Automatic Refraction

Automatic refraction is another test to measure a patient’s visual acuity, but it is primarily used for children or people who are not able to communicate properly. Autorefractors shine a light in a person’s eye to gauge the type of response it has.

Visual Field

A visual field test examines a patient’s peripheral vision. During this portion of the exam, you will only move your eyes. An eye doctor will use an object or finger and gradually bring it from one side of your face to the other. This gives the doctor more insight into your vision range.

Color Vision

Color vision tests are to check whether or not a patient is color blind. You will be shown various color-coded images containing numbers. Anyone who cannot see these numbers will be prescribed glasses with special lenses.

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