Good Timing is an Aspect of LASIK Success

lasikIf you have worn glasses or contact lenses for years, and you are ready to put an end to frustrations like broken eyewear or irritated eyes, you may be interested to know that LASIK continues to impress patients with the successful restoration of optimal vision. In many cases, it is possible to eliminate the need for corrective eyewear.

Get to know LASIK

The LASIK procedure was developed several years ago and has continued to improve as ophthalmologists have discovered the advantages and disadvantages of the initial methodology. Patients who choose LASIK today experience significantly improved vision, even peripheral vision. Without the frustrations of glasses or contacts, many people find that they can lead a more active lifestyle, enhancing their overall quality of life – all from a ten-minute procedure!

With the various advantages of this vision-correcting laser eye surgery, there are very few considerations that patients need to make when deciding on treatment. One of the most crucial is timing, really; and that’s about it.

The post-treatment instructions for LASIK patients are relatively simple, and yet they could put a damper on plans that may be made in the warm-weather months. These include:

  • Avoiding swimming pools and hot tubs for the first 2 weeks after surgery.
  • Avoiding the ocean, lakes, rivers, and streams for a full month.
  • Staying indoors on windy days, and steering clear of dusty, dirty, or smoky environments. This means no bonfires on the beach, and possibly no walking on the beach if the wind is strong.

Clearly, LASIK is not a procedure to schedule within a month of a fun-filled vacation. Give yourself time to completely recover, as this will greatly decrease the need to protect the eyes from debris and the elements. Also, during the first-month post-treatment, you will need to see your eye doctor three times. Your first visit is scheduled for the day after LASIK. A second follow-up is arranged for one week later, and a final checkup is set for one-month post-op.

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