How your Eye Doctor can Help you Communicate Better

BlepharoplastyWhen you think of your daily interactions and how they involve communication, you may first contemplate the words that you say. There is much more to communication than our verbal expressions, whatever they may be; we also use our eyes and body language to help us get the point across, as well as to perceive the nuances that take place in various conversations. Research has clearly demonstrated that appearance is vital to clear communication. This directly correlates to the presence of extreme puffiness or sagging of the eyelid skin.

Fatty deposits are a natural part of the eyelids, both upper and lower. In time, and partially due to genetics, the skin on the lids of the eyes loses its firmness and its elasticity. Conditions such as allergies, poor health, and excess weight are also factors in the development of the severe bags. Then there are festoons, mounds of tissue that sit on the high point of the cheek, just below the eye bags. Festoons may be associated with aging, yes, but also with sun damage, smoking, and poor diet. More importantly than what causes this problem, is the secondary issues that stem from the altered appearance of the eyelids.

Festoons are more than the slight bags that you see after a night of restless sleep. Bags can become so severe that the skin on the upper eyelid starts to hang over the lashes, impeding clear vision. At the very least, the extra skin makes a person appear older, tired, even unfriendly. At worst, this skin makes it difficult for a person to accurately read the expressions and body language of those to whom they speak.

It is important that your authentic and full personality shine through when you interact with others. This is true no matter what your age. Festoons hide you from the world and can make you feel far less confident than you would like. Know that you do not have to accept undereye or upper eyelid sagging. In fact, you may have very good medical reason to consult with Dr. Croley about functional blepharoplasty.

Even with the innovative non-surgical treatments that have been developed, the surgical eye lift is the best method of achieving optimal reduction of eye bags. In some situations, blepharoplasty is solely cosmetic, performed to reduce sagging and rejuvenate the eyes and face. In others, this procedure is necessary to restore clearer, healthier vision.

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