Headaches and Contact Lenses

iStock_000014388241SmallIt’s not uncommon for patients to complain of chronic headaches when wearing and immediately after wearing contact lenses. Although there could be many reasons for your headaches, it’s possible that the contact lenses may be a trigger.

Wearing contacts with a prescription that is too weak or too strong may lead to unnecessary eyestrain and possibly headaches. Poorly fitting lenses may lead to dry eyes and cause the lenses to tighten up, also causing headaches.

The onset of presbyopia, or the inability of the eyes to focus at closer range, is another reason for headaches among contact lens users. Individuals who have worn contacts for years are more likely to develop presbyopia with advancing age. The length of time spent in front of the computer screen on a daily basis, lighting, and reading small type can also influence how soon presbyopia will develop.

Seeing an experienced eye doctor such as Dr. Croley is your best course of action in finding out if your contacts are causing your headaches. Call 352.237.8400 to schedule an appointment with Central Florida Eye Institute today!

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