How to Decide if You Can Postpone Cataract Surgery

Cataract SurgeryProcedures to get rid of cataracts have been described, in one form or another, throughout recorded history. But cataract surgery as we know it only began to evolve in the latter part of the past century. And today’s methods for cataract extraction are offering positive outcomes for more than 95% of the people who undergo the procedure.

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But even as the techniques have improved, and the amazing results have become commonplace, some people are still reluctant to have eye surgery. And that’s okay.

It’s true that your sight should be better after you’ve had cataracts removed. But you’ll probably still need to wear glasses or contact lenses. So if you can still see well enough to do the things you want to do, should you wait?

If You Wait to have Cataract Surgery
Your sight will get worse gradually, so you don’t have to rush into your decision. If your symptoms don’t bother you yet, and your cataracts aren’t disrupting your life, you may choose to put off the surgery. Most research has shown no problems related to waiting, other than the issues that arise from poorer eyesight. Even if you choose not to have treatment now, you can always have it done in the future if your cataracts do start to bother you.

There Are Things You Can Do to Make it Easier to Live With Cataracts:

  • Make sure you have the proper eyewear prescriptions
  • Put brighter or dimmer lighting in your home
  • Wear anti-glare sunglasses
  • Get magnifying devices to make reading easier

Sooner or Later
You should have an eye test to determine the current state of your vision. But we will make our recommendations based more on your lifestyle. Do you driver a lot and love to golf? You might want to have the surgery soon. If you garden and listen to music, maybe wait until later!

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