Don’t let glaucoma sneak up on you

GlaucomaIt’s a sneaky disease. It puts high pressure on your eyes that can affect your sight, but the damage is so gradual, you probably won’t notice until it’s too late. And there aren’t really any signs, not even pain, to signal that you’ve got a problem. In fact, around half of the people who have glaucoma don’t yet know they have it. But there is something you can do.

Regular exams — protecting your eye health
Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in the U.S., yet thousands of Americans are diagnosed with the disease every year. The best and simplest way to protect yourself from any vision problem or eye disease, including glaucoma, is to get regular eye exams. If you’re over 40, you should be tested for it every two years. And if you’re nearsighted, have diabetes, high blood pressure, take medications with steroid ingredients or have a family history of glaucoma — you are at even higher risk.

Glaucoma testing — an easy, normal part of your yearly eye exam
There is nothing that can prevent or reverse the damage to the optic nerve caused by glaucoma; however with early detection, diagnosis and treatment, we can help you slow down its effects — and save your sight! With painless, non-invasive tests, we check for glaucoma by measuring your eye pressure, evaluate your retina and optic nerve and check for any changes in your eyes or your vision.

Glaucoma treatments – controlling the disease
With eye drops or oral medication, and sometimes lasers, most types of glaucoma can often be controlled – if the problem is detected early enough. In some cases, when these methods aren’t effective, surgery is required.

See what could be coming — saving your sight from glaucoma
Chances are that glaucoma will not cause you to lose your sight, if you catch it before it catches you unaware. With the right treatment, we can slow the damage to your optic nerve caused by high pressure in your eye.

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