Rejuvenate your Eyes in 30 Minutes

eye careOne of the most fortunate aspects of living in today’s society is that we can accomplish more in less time. Just half a century ago, most meals took an hour or more to prepare, unless we’re talking sandwiches or hot dogs. Now, we can pop an entire dinner into the microwave and be sitting down at the table in less than 15 minutes. This is just one example of many to demonstrate the ease in which we can handle life’s challenges. Another area in which significant improvements have been made is in medicine. Cosmetic medicine, to be precise.

Patients of Central Florida Eye Institute often discuss age-related concerns such as drooping eyelids or bags beneath the eyes. These are hallmarks of age, but they don’t have to be. Under eye bags, in particular, can be quite distressing. They are naturally associated with lack of sleep, so a person with persistent puffiness may hear “are you tired?” with alarming (and annoying) frequency. Who wants to go through adulthood looking like they need a nap! To stop this line of questioning, the bags have to go.

Historically, conditions such as sagging, drooping, and puffing of the eyelids has been a job for a skilled plastic surgeon. This is no longer the case. Many of our patients have been able to restore the look of youthfulness without a single incision. Just a few injections of Botox and the brows can move upward the few millimeters it takes for the upper eyelids to lift. Bags, though, they call for a different weapon.

To minimize the appearance of under eye bags, we use the appropriate dermal filler product. Many of today’s fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance that draw water into the treatment area, and then holds on for dear life. Immediately after filling out the tissue beneath under eye bags, we see them disappear. It’s not that the fat pads are decreasing, but that the volume in the skin under the under eye bag is increasing. The result of this balancing act is smoother skin and, ultimately, more attractive eyes.

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