Sunscreen from your Eye Doctor?

TIZO Ocala FLYou may not expect for your eye doctor to have a great deal of knowledge or wherewithal to help you understand the value of sunscreen. At Central Florida Eye Institute, we do.

In our neck of the woods, where the sun shines more often than not, it is easy to fall victim to the harmful effects of UV light. Most people are now aware of the fact that sunlight is a prime instigator of premature aging, especially around the eyes. Even when you wear sunglasses every time you leave the house, enough light gets through to pose a threat to your skin’s softness and overall wellness. While we usually think of skin cancer’s effects on the nose, ears, and other exposed areas, the eyelids are not immune. Wearing appropriate sunscreen could keep you from having to undergo reconstructive surgery on your eyes.

What stops us?

When the dangers of UV exposure are so widely known, what could lead us to neglect the use of sunscreen? In many cases, the issue that stops women is that sunscreen just doesn’t feel good on the face. As an alternative, a woman may wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF, or some mineral powder that offers a small degree of protection.

We’d like to help you gain maximum protection.

Knowing the concerns that discerning men and women have about applying store-bought sunscreen products to the delicate skin on the face, especially around the eyes, a group of scientists went to work to develop a more suitable line of products: TiZo. We are proud to carry this professional-grade selection of products in our Ocala office.

What’s So Special about TiZo Skin Care?

TiZo skin care products are not limited to sunscreen, although that is a great place to start. What’s special about these formulas is that they are broad-spectrum, lightweight, and water resistant. The concentration of minerals in each formula don’t just filter light; it blocks it. Mineral sunscreens are different than chemical sunscreens that only filter light. These products are excellent for all skin types, even sensitive and acne-prone skin. Because there are no chemicals, there is little risk of irritation.

Your eye doctor in Ocala offers friendly care for your eyes, as well as the skin around it! Learn more about the TiZo line at (352) 237-8400.

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