Technology and LASIK

 Lasik Eye Surgery Ocala, FLLASIK eye surgery was one of the most technological advances to occur in ophthalmology at its time. It is interesting how one of the primary questions that patients have before they undergo this procedure is how long they may be away from the technologies they use on a daily basis. There’s no denying that we are surrounded by all things digital. We hop on our phones to surf the internet and connect with friends across the country via social media. Our phones! Just about every home has a personal computer on which games can be played and bills can be paid and work can be done. Because we are so reliant on technology today, the idea of living without it – even for a short time – may feel unsettling.

The good news about LASIK is that there is minimal need for actual downtime after surgery. Initial healing occurs very quickly; over about a twenty-four-hour period. However, the ocular surface does remain somewhat fragile and responsive to stimulation for a few weeks after vision-correcting treatment. For this reason, there are a few general guidelines surrounding the use of computers and other technology.

Precautions after LASIK

As we mentioned, most activities can be resumed within a day or so after LASIK. The day of laser surgery, most patients have little interest in doing anything other than resting. This is beneficial because keeping the eyes closed promotes rapid regeneration. Also, cellular rejuvenation occurs while we sleep. So, if you have a strong urge to nap after your LASIK procedure, you can recognize your body’s request for recuperation.

Aside from allowing yourself as much time as you need for rest, post-surgical strategies for recovery revolve around maintaining adequate lubrication through:

  • The use of prescribed eye drops.
  • Mindfulness about computer and electronics use. Go slow. Give yourself a time limit of a few minutes here and there. Jumping back into several hours of screen time increases the risk of eye irritation.
  • When using technology, remember to blink frequently. Create a habit of closing your eyes for a few seconds every few minutes.

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