End a time-consuming routine with beautiful results

Permanent Make-UpWhat if you could hop out of the shower, throw on your clothes and completely skip putting on your make-up? Yet still head out the door looking your best? You can. Here’s how:

Rediscover your life with permanent make-up
In the hands of a skilled professional such as those at Central Florida Eye Institute, your can have perfectly shaped eyebrows, attractive eyeliner, even rosy lips – every day, without lifting a finger. With permanent make-up, or micro pigment implantation, you can workout, work all day, go to bed and then wake up in the morning with your make-up still in place.

Tattoos you won’t regret
Cosmetic tattoos are similar to body tattoos in that we use a needle to place natural pigmented minerals between the upper layers of your skin. This technique is what allows us to enhance your eyes, eyebrows and lips with permanent style and color. But unlike that tattoo of your x-boyfriend’s name on your arm, cosmetic tattoos help keep you looking your best, regret free.

Take one hour now to save time later
Whether you want to keep your appearance fresh with permanent eyeliner and lip color, or fill in missing eyebrow hair with pigment, or darken your natural color, permanent tattooed color could be right for you. In one hour, you could have a cosmetic procedure that you’ve been spending and hour performing every morning. 

Preserving your enhanced appearance
Your permanent make-up may require some touch-ups after the initial procedure, but can last indefinitely. However, we encourage our patients to protect their time and investment by giving up behaviors that are bad for their new make-up and their health:

  • Avoid tanning
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t let your skin become dry

Protecting your precious eyes
Permanent make-up should be performed by experts in a medical facility. Your procedure should be overseen by an ophthalmologist such as Dr. Croley, and undertaken by technicians who are trained and certified in permanent make-up tattooing. Because whether you want eyeliner, brow liner, lip liner or all three, your eye health must be your priority.

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